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Comprehensive Package 

For a flat fee ranging from $3,600 - $5,000, the Comprehensive Package provides a wrap-around service for college applications. Several factors, such as the service start time, location, profiles, and application status, determine the cost of the service. 

Individual services are all charged at an hourly rate. 

  • Introduction Consultation (Academic/Extracurricular Advising)

  • College & Program Selection

  • Essay Writing and Application Completion

  • Financial Aid Information/FAFSA-CSS Profile Submission


*Please note that the hourly services may not be available during the busy application season (September and October).

Please consult with LCC to get an accurate quote. LCC provides discounted prices for students with financial difficulties. Please don't hesitate to ask me. My life and educational vision is always diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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